Astragulas may be used for the following ailments: Aids,Fatigue,diabetes,night sweats, build blood cells


Hypoxis has strong immune boosting capabilities. It has also shown to be anti-fungal, sedative & detoxifying and has proved beneficial for urinary and prostate disorders. African potato also contains rooperol which is both anti-mutagenic and cytotoxic to cancer cells and has been used in the treatment of prostate & urinary cancers.

Traditional healers use the herb for Colds, flu, AIDS, Myalgic Encephalopothy/Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (ME/CFIDS), lupus, MS, cancer, arthritis, gout, candida, eczema, liver, insomnia, anxiety, psoriasis, tuberculosis, & prostate problems.



Impi capsules are an Immune Booster plus Anti-Viral



Sutherlandia powerfully assists the body to mobilize its own immunological and physiological resources to combat disease and physical and mental stress.



Sutherlandia Tincture helps with Wasting Syndrome in HIV or AIDs infected and Cancer. It improves immune system and increases quality of life. Treats heartburn, gastritis, oesophagitis, peptic ulceration, hot flushes. Soothes irritability in menopause, mild asthma, Rheumatism and Rheumatoid support. Assists in increasing weight in HIV, Aids, Cancer and TB patients.